Hilary Tann

November 2nd, 1947 - February 8th, 2023

Hilary Tann – my close friend and collaborator who has died unexpectedly aged 75 – was a prolific composer whose imaginative catalogue was shaped by her formative years in Wales, her adoptive home in America, and her cultural affinity with Japan...

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Recent Works


Still in the Water and Singingbirds (oboe quartet, premiered by James Turnbull and Ensemble Perpetuo in the Presteigne Festival, 2021)

... against the shore (tenor, violin, cello, premiered Ensemble Slancio, October 2021)

No Wind Yet Leaves Fall (percussion ensemble and solo violin, premiered CAMPGround USF 2022)

In the Enchantment (clarinet and piano quartet, premiered by 21st Century Consort, April 2022)

Moon Full, Tide Low (clarinet; and alto flute, most recently premiered in National Flute Convention, August 2022)

On Ear and Ear (cello, piano) new CD release August 2022

First Light (violin, piano) new CD release September 2022

Two new mixed CDs: "Women's Voices" (inc. MELANGELL VARIATIONS – for bari/sop/string quartet) LORELT LNT143; and "Living Voices – Sacred Inspirations" (inc. PINNAE VENTORUM and EMBERTIDES for organ) Sarah Simko Recordings.

With Anthony Joseph Lanman 1 Track Podcast #129 (S11E5) – Hilary Tann. Tann chooses NOTHING FORGOTTEN to answer the single question “If someone was interested in getting to know your music, and you only had one track to play for them, what track would that be?”